Carbon Steel Self-Drilling Screws with Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head
NYLO-TEC self drilling screws provide strength and stability under the harshest conditions. They are made of case hardened carbon steel with a super strong glass-reinforced nylon head. NYLO-TEC screws have a super sharp drill-shaped point to cut easily into most metals and other materials. Use NYLO-TEC for securely attaching soft steel or other metals.

NYLO-TEC Self Drilling Screws take a super strong NYLO-TEC fastener and add a strong glass reinforced nylon head. The anticorrosive color matched head provides an attractive finished appearance and resist corrosion. NYLO-TEC extends the life of the structure in all environments, especially in coastal regions.

NYLO-TEC, together with BLUE-TAP and the PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System form a complete solution for screen enclosures, Florida rooms, patio rooms and pool enclosures in the demanding South Florida environment.

Superior strength means NYLO-TEC Self Drilling Screws fastener heads will not twist off during installation. These fasteners stand up to rigorous construction use.

Benefits & Features of NYLO-TEC Fasteners

    • Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head never rusts.
    • Superior resistance to corrosion.
    • Developed for Harsh Environments.
    • Provides an instantly finished look that lasts.
    • Super-strong case hardened carbon steel provides exceptional holding power.
    • Does not chip, no touch up needed.
    • UV stabilized color resists fading.
    • Head will not twist off during installation.
    • Super sharp drill point to bore easily through multiple products including wood and steel, then into a steel frame or beam.
    • Stands up to rigorous construction use.
    • Nylon Bi-Hexagonal head eliminates the need for a plastic cover cap for better appearance.
    • Exceptional Quality.

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No Chips. No Touch up. Standard coated fasteners chip. NYLO-TEC fasteners are not just coated. The fastener is manufactured with a super strong glass-reinforced nylon head so there is no need to touch up.

No more switching drivers. The NYLO-TEC One-Stop Driver fits #10, #12 and #14 hex heads. This multi-functional hexagonal driver eliminates the need to switch between drivers, saving time and improving productivity. No need to try to figure out which socket must be used. No time wasted fitting and refitting sockets.

NYLO-TEC self-drilling screws have a drill-shaped point to cut through the substrate to eliminate the need for drilling a pilot hole for faster easier installation in all but the hardest materials. NYLO-TEC fasteners are fast and easy to install, but hold securely.


  • Metal Roofing Materials.
  • Fastening wood to metal.
  • Fastening plastic to metal.
  • Aluminum, soft steel, other metals.
  • Thick metal sheets.
  • Profiled Metal Roofing.
  • Fixing composite panels and sheets to metal framing.
  • Composite.